With the dramatic change in the economy, there’s been a dramatic increase in job seekers. 


For the last 10 years job seekers have been able to hand pick the job of their choice. Now, all that has changed. There are more job seekers than available positions and companies are being bombarded with hundreds of applications per week for the same position. 


This leads to the most important question, how do I stand out as a job seeker? 


DTS is here to make sure that companies see your resume over hundreds of others and that you get the job of your dreams. 

If your resume and cover letter are sloppy, unorganized, include graphics, isn’t descriptive enough, or is 5+ pages long, there’s no way a hiring manager is touching it. 


DTS is here to make sure your resume is perfect and catches the eye of the hiring manager. 


DTS will provide a professional written resume in addition to:

  • Professional Cover Letter 

  • LinkedIn Account Optimization

  • Job Search Guidance/Resources

  • Introduction to Companies Hiring (if applicable)

  • Guidance Through the Hiring Process


DTS will not only help you enhance your resume so that companies actually look at it, but we’ll also help you write a solid cover letter highlighting why you’re the perfect candidate. 


We go above and beyond the paper and guide you through the job search process. 


  • We make sure you know where to search for jobs, how to put your resume out there, and how to contact companies. 

  • We make sure you’re prepared for your interviews, know what questions to ask, and how to dress. 

  • We make sure you’re prepared to negotiate the best salary. 

  • We want to not only help you write an amazing resume that will have hiring managers calling you, but once they do, we’ll make sure you can close the deal and land the job! 

  • We are a staffing firm, so an added benefit is that if we have clients hiring for your skillset, we make the introduction for you. Hiring managers are much more likely to look at a resume from their trusted staffing partner over a resume coming through a job board with hundreds of other candidates.

All of the services offered above can be yours for a one time fee of $75! Other companies charge upwards of $1,000! For $75, you get everything we offer and continued support throughout the process.

Baltimore, MD 

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